1) Sometimes diffs between two versions were either too large to be worth making, or too difficult. In those cases where a .diff file is missing, please just FTP the latest version. 2) The .diff file suffix signifies a patch file produced by the GNU 'diff' program. A diff file like this has all of the changes from one version of a program to the next (i.e. gcc-2.6.2-2.6.3.diff will take gcc-2.6.2 and produce gcc 2.6.3). You can use the "patch" program to apply the diff to your sources. (The "patch" program is available on prep.ai.mit.edu in directory /pub/gnu/ if it isn't already installed on your system.) (You might also want to take a look at the diff file, the format is pretty obvious and could be educational. ;-) Thank You!